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Mindfulness is being embraced everywhere these days, from the Kindergarten classroom to company retreats. What is mindfulness, exactly? Susan Smalley, Ph.D., and Diana Winston, co-authors of Fully Present, say that mindfulness is “an accepting and kind attitude toward yourself and your present moment experience.” One that will change your relationship

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My focus in writing this post is to take a very brief look at how we look at ourselves and our problems. Awareness and seeing with our mind’s eye, or perception, can be seen as two-fold, in my opinion, when it comes to therapy and counseling. There

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When clients walk through the door for music therapy at Balance Stress Management and Therapy they can expect a personalized experience from their very first visit.  Our board certified music therapist surveys each client’s unique preferences in music in order to customize every music therapy session.   Part of

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For women, a common experience that occurs that can lead to traumatic stress symptoms are both abortions and miscarriages. Although these experiences may seem entirely different at a glance; from an attachment perspective, they are highly similar for the following reasons:

  1. Both

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