Have you wondered whether you might use creativity to express your reality?

If so, SoulCollage® might be for you.  SoulCollage® is a soul-satisfying process where you create a personal deck of collaged cards that contains three transpersonal cards and four suits. The SoulCollage® deck represents the self as a whole with each card imaging a part of that self. People use their SoulCollage® cards to access their own inner wisdom and find direction by reading their cards individually or in groups.

The Three transpersonal cards are the Source card, a person’s understanding of God or a higher power, the Soul Essence card, the person’s expression of that holy spark within, and the Witness card, the non-judgmental observer watching the person live her life. The four suits are made up of the Council, which are archetypal cards, the Committee which is our inner voice both proclaimer and critic commenting on the person and how her life is lived, the companion suit, these cards represent the seven chakra centers of the body and are aligned to animal totems or companions and the community suit which includes teachers, friends, family, celebrities or others to whom the person feels connected.

Choosing from a variety of images and pictures participants are encouraged to pick the images that they are drawn to.  A person may be drawn to an image without understanding why.  When images are put together, on a 5’ by 8’ mat board using scissors and glue, the practitioner creates a deck of collaged cards that reflect something about herself, her life, dreams, influences and beliefs.

This wonderful, magical, creative process was developed by Seena Frost whose website is www.soulcollage.com. The SoulCollage® process can be utilized by individuals, groups, counseling professionals, educators, artists, art therapists and others. The application of SoulCollage® is wide ranging.

Personally and professionally I’ve used my SoulCollage cards in a variety of settings. Professionally, I’ve used the cards with counseling and coaching clients to assist them in articulating what may be challenging their personal growth. I’ve used the cards in both individual and group settings. I’ve seen clients with terminal illnesses, mental health concerns and with people suffering from acute or chronic illness. I’ve also used the cards in groups on a memory care floor in a long term care facility.  Personally, my deck of cards helps me clarify things in my own life and the cards are a part of my personal devotional practices.


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