Unread emails, dreaded phone calls to return, unwashed dishes in the sink, broken dishwasher, no food left in the fridge, overflowing laundry basket, dirty car, bills to pay, pushed back gym session, unopened books I wanted to read months ago, medical records to organize… This just scratches the surface of my to-do list.

I guess I could just drop everything and run. And cry. And scream. And hide.

Many of us have felt this way. Of course, the best plan of action would be to tackle one thing at a time; prioritize the most important tasks, and leave the leisure book reading towards the end of the list if bills need to get paid by tomorrow. It’s easier said than done, but with a calm and loving kindness practice, it’s possible. What I want to share with you is not how to prioritize your to-do list or how to stop procrastinating, but rather offer you a few techniques with how to manage intense emotions packed into each daily task.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

I’m lazy and fat if I miss a gym session.

I’m missing out if I don’t read all my emails and social media posts.

I’m a failure if I don’t pay my bills on time.

I’m too ugly to leave the house without makeup on.

I’m not good enough if I have all

Outdated things in my house.

I will simply forget if I don’t write everything down, and that’s embarrassing.

Etc., etc., etc.

Why did you start creating a to-do list in the first place?

To-do lists are meant to help organize our thoughts and keep us on track. They are simply tools for us to stay on our path and keep moving forward in life with ease. To-do lists are meant to motivate us with an underlying sense of love towards our actions, not fear. Unfortunately, many of us have very high expectations and harsh attitudes towards ourselves. This only creates more chaos in our bodies. Even if nothing goes according to plan, we have the ability to view each curveball and misfortune with love in our eyes.

But how? How can we transfer the energy of those fearful thoughts and emotions into love?

Practice. There’s many ways to address fear – all depending on your current physical abilities, your past, your mental-emotional state, your spiritual beliefs, and your goals.

Below, I am offering you a free 7-minute guided meditation practice to use during times of distress and overwhelm. My goal is to help you cultivate a sense of calmness and wholeness as you approach each task on your endless to-do list with loving kindness towards yourself.

This meditation includes: 3-part breath awareness, visualization, and positive affirmations.

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Try it out and share your experience with me!

*Please consult your doctor before starting any yoga practice. Listen to your body and stop the practice whenever necessary. This is not meant as a substitute for any medical treatment.

Infinite blessings to you upon your path,