I think it’s commonly understood that we need to recharge our batteries. But, many of us view this as selfish and don’t do it. We prioritize others’ needs, responsibilities of life, and the demands our families and careers over ourselves. But, there’s a lot of power in self-care. After all, you only have one body. Take care of it!

The first principle of self-care aligns with self-love; it’s a boundary. When you follow through with loving yourself you take care of yourself. You won’t let self-care items seem optional and you won’t have a problem letting your friends and family know that you’re taking care of yourself by doing XYZ activity, and that’s okay.

The second principle of self-care is the affects it has on you. You, just like me and most everyone else, have lots on your plate and are probably feeling drained most of the time. When you take the time to recharge your batteries and do some self-care, you are come back to your life refreshed and renewed. It allows you to better serve others since your batteries are fully charged!

The third principle of self-care is how you do it. Maybe you need to unplug and take a time out. You need to recognize that, and then do some self-care. It doesn’t always need to be extravagant. It could be as simple as taking a 10-minute walk in the middle of your work day. It could be journaling in the morning. It could be going to the gym. Whatever gives you energy.

Some of the best ideas for self-care can be done each day. They start with eating right, sleeping enough, unplugging from your phone, exercising regularly, and being grateful for what you have. Doing a gratefulness journal is great way to make sure your mind is right each day. Don’t have a gym membership? You can find yoga videos on YouTube or just go for a walk (without your phone).

Nature has a profound way of helping us recharge our batteries. Just a short walk through the a forest preserve can do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit.

Aside from the daily practice of recharging your batteries. Many experts say that a short trip (like an extended weekend) every 6-8 weeks helps too! This really doesn’t need to be expensive. It could be a roadtrip and a few nights at an AirBNB just a few hours away. Something to shake up the daily routine, meet some new people, sleep in more, read, write, create, enjoy the moments of life. If you’re looking for an excuse, here you go! Recharge your batteries.