Being Balanced means that you have a handle on the various elements in your life and don’t feel that you are being pulled too hard in any direction. More often than not, you feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated. You are present-focused instead of past or future focused. You feel able to be mindful and are able to pay attention to and enjoy the “little things” in life.


  1. A journey – because every day you must make steps to stay in balance. Every day something will try to push you out of balance (and most of the time this “something” will succeed) but every time you will be able to bounce back to your balance.
  2. Attitude – because living a balanced life means having a balanced mindset. You can’t force yourself to make choices that are not natural to you. You can practice creating a balanced attitude through exercises, self discovery and constant work on yourself. At some point your work pays off and you start seeing the entire world in balanced colors and start making decisions that support your balanced lifestyle.
  3. Focus – because every area of your life (family, health, work, finances, passions, social life and spirituality) requires different amounts of your time and attention at different points of your life. A new parent of course will focus more on his/her child then on anything else in the world. A graduate student will put all effort into writing his/her thesis and looking for a good job. A retired person will focus on health and spirituality more than anything else. When you live a balanced life you can shift your focus in the right direction for a certain period of time (whether it’s a day or a year) without completely neglecting other areas of life.
  4. Core belief – because without this foundation there is nothing to build your balance upon. You must have a belief that you can go to whenever you feel fragile, unmotivated, weak or simply in doubt. Going on a spiritual journey is often the best way to find that belief and build your life according to it.
  5. Very personal – because there are no two people in this world who have identical goals, challenges, needs and talents. It’s impossible to write an ultimate how-to guide for each person to live their lives in balance. You can take tips, advice and examples from other people and transform them to bring your life in balance.