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At Balance Stress Management

we support adolescents and young adults who feel lost in a world that doesn’t feel right. Who feel unhappy, even though they’re doing all the things they’re “supposed” to do.
At Balance, we help you discover and embrace who you are—rather than who you should be. We believe that all of you is ok. There are no good or bad parts, dark or light parts.

We believe that integrating and embracing the whole person leads to healing. Because you, whole, are beautiful and wonderful—including where the pain is. We do this through creative, full expression and a broad toolbox of therapeutic modalities.

We believe that discomfort is a part of life—sorry (not sorry!)—and that it is only through doing the work to understand who we are at the core—as opposed to trying to avoid the pain (which, by the way, never works), that we ultimately feel better.

We believe in skills over pills. The process is more important than the product. (It’s about the journey, not the destination).

We respect and revere every individual, regardless of background or preferences, and support all family structures and identities.

Early in Balance founder Amy Schillinger’s career, she worked with foster children who were “level 14,” a step away from juvenile hall. Staff were trained to respond to their extreme behavior with holds, restraints and heavy medication. They were then asked to do therapeutic work, the effectiveness of which Schillinger questioned even as a young therapist: how much progress could patients make if they’re so drugged up they’re not themselves? Why weren’t they digging into the trauma at the root of the children’s behavior? Schillinger began exploring alternative treatments, from neurofeedback to EMDR—and the philosophy behind Balance Stress Management was born.

Amy Schillinger

Founder, Balance Stress

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