To say that men are different than women is just too obvious.  Fact is that there are also some subtle differences.  It is my contention that men are often missing out by not engaging in therapy to address issues of inadequacy, feelings of guilt, wanderlust, and not being a good enough father.

I can remember being told by older boys in the neighborhood to “act like a Man”.  As I now reflect on those early days I ask myself where did the boys expect me to go to learn the art of manhood?  Too young to read, too distrustful of my older brother, dad was unavailable, and mom was too wrapped up in her music.  I was left to figure it out.  I suspect many of us healthy males had similar circumstances.

I learned a lot from T. V., Roy Rogers taught me right from wrong and the importance of kindness.  Thanks Roy, but I never did get the hang of riding horses, but I was able to mimic drawing a gun from a leather holster.

My dad owned a business and was never too happy to see us boys in his store. He was more concerned with selling than parenting. He was driven to make a better life for his children.  What I learned from him was the value of making enough money to support a family.  It took lots of therapy for me to understand that he did this out of love and not greed.

Men might consider talk therapy to better understand why they do the things they do. Learning what motivates you, what inspires you, what “flips your switch” could save you from avoidable frustration.  Finding a psychotherapist who is not judgmental yet understanding of the journey will undoubtedly make a difference.